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Another fun and exciting event that the Cub Scouts look forward to each year is the Raingutter Regatta. Like its cousin the Pinewood Derby the Scouts are issued a kit which has everything they need to build an official RR boat. The kit and its contents will look like this-

RR Trimaran

The Kit includes two balsa wood outriggers, a plastic frame hull, screws, a mast, and a sail.

The scout and adult assemble the boat and can modify the outriggers the help the boat move though the water. The boat can be painted and decorated however the scout sees fit, but nothing can be added to make the boat longer than what was in the original kit and all parts from the kit must be used.

RR Boat

On race day we set up an inflatable “gutter” with two lanes. The boys are paired into heats and the race begins. To move the boat down the the track the scout is only allowed to blow into the sail of the boat using a straw or just their mouth. The scout is not allowed to touch the boat with their hands. The first boat down the track wins the heat.

We have awards for the following-

1st, 2nd & 3rd overall place finishers

Fastest Boat in each Den (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos)

Best Boat Design - Voted on by the pack

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Raingutter Heat Race

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