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2018 Space Derby

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We will be holding our 2nd annual Space Derby in the Fall this year. Like its cousin the Pinewood Derby & Raingutter Regatta the Scouts are issued a kit which has everything they need to build an official Space Derby rocket.

The space derby kit consists of a balsa wood block, propeller assembly, rubber bands, plastic sheet (for fins), and a mounting bracket. The wood block comes out of the box with a drilled out center hole. The block is carved into the desired shape, sanded and painted. 

The completed rockets are wound up with as many as 100 or more turns on the propeller and suspended on a string from a separate bracket with the propeller held in place. Two string lanes will be used. The rockets are held in place and launched when the mechanism releases the propeller.

The event will be a double elimination tournament where each Scout has to lose twice to be out of contention for an award. 

Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fastest rockets and we will have a judging of the best rocket design. 

This will be a fun event for the scouts to all compete and cheer each other on. 

Check the Space Derby page here for more details.

Date:  Tuesday, November 6th

Time: Check in at 5:45 PM, Heats will start at 6 PM.

Location: First United Methodist Church - Founders Hall. (where we meet)

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